Cookie Usage


What are cookies? Cookies are small text files used by most websites. When you visit a website, they are stored on your computer or mobile device. Cookies usually contain the name of the server from which the cookie was sent, the lifespan of the cookie, and a value that is usually a randomly generated unique number.

The storage of cookies is under the complete control of your browser – users can restrict or disable the storage of cookies if they wish, but this may result in the website not functioning correctly, content not being displayed, and limited access to some functionalities. Cookies are not harmful and are always time-limited.

Most modern websites use cookies, as the usability of websites would be severely limited without them. Storage and reading of information in cookies are used for:

  • Sessions (e.g., logging into forums),
  • Shopping carts in online stores,
  • Reusing your choices made (e.g., language or currency you use),
  • Displaying various advanced contents on the website (e.g., maps, videos),
  • Tracking website visit statistics,
  • Supporting social network plugins (e.g., liking and sharing),
  • Displaying user-customized advertisements.


Cookies can be temporary (for the current “session”), meaning they are only used during your visit to the website and are deleted when you close your web browser, or they can be permanent, meaning they remain on your device after you leave the website until you delete them yourself or they are deleted by your browser after a certain period.

How does LAGRA, d.o.o., use cookies? We strive to offer our users a modern, fast, and easy website that automatically adapts to your needs and wishes. To achieve this, our website may use the following types of cookies: technical cookies, functional cookies, analytical cookies, and commercial cookies. Cookies themselves do not enable your identification, and it is not possible to determine who you specifically are with cookies alone.

What types of cookies do we use? There are different types of cookies, and we use them in various ways. Cookies can be classified based on their function, lifespan, and who installs them.

Analytical Cookies These cookies are managed by LAGRA, d.o.o., and are directly installed by our website. All data is collected in an anonymous and aggregated form and is used solely for measuring visit statistics on our websites. They are installed as soon as you arrive at our website, allowing us to collect statistical data without advertising additions, and we do not share the data with third parties.

If you continue using the website, we assume that you fully agree with our own analytical cookies.

Functional and Third-Party Analytical Cookies These cookies enable us to provide a modern user experience with the proper functioning of social network plugins (e.g., liking and sharing Facebook content) and corresponding analytics. Anonymous data collected through cookies is available to LAGRA, d.o.o., the data processor, and the service provider through which the functionalities are carried out (e.g., Google, Facebook). LAGRA, d.o.o., only uses services from companies it trusts.

Disabling these cookies will limit access to some content, liking and sharing content, and the display of some video content (YouTube). If you click any of the buttons linked to social networks, this is recorded on those websites, which may use this information. We advise you to familiarize yourself with the policies of each of these websites and check how they use these data and how you can refuse participation in the collection of these data or delete them.

Third-Party Advertising Cookies These include cookies from other companies like Facebook Inc. and Google Inc., which manage the ad network. LAGRA, d.o.o., only uses ads from companies that responsibly manage data and which we trust.

If you disable third-party cookies in the settings, ads will still be displayed on the internet, but they will not be tailored to your preferences and will not be interesting to you.

Other Cookies Our website does not install or allow the installation of other cookies by third parties. However, in certain cases, we may use cookies that you have installed on your device with your consent when using various Google services before you first visited our website, so we cannot influence them.

It is not necessary that we have all these cookies… here we have a list of possible ones, and then we enter those that are actually loaded on the website.

Cookie Settings On our websites, you can set which types of cookies will be installed. The website will remember your choice with the help of the cookie [“cookieconsent_status”], which is among the necessary cookies for the operation of the site. You can change your cookie installation choice at any time in the detailed settings.

Before you disable a certain type of cookies, please read above what they are intended for and how we use them. It may happen that due to changed settings, your user experience will be worse, some content and video content will not be displayed, and some website functionalities will not work. If you want to use them, you will have to search again and appropriately change the cookie settings.

By choosing the option “Agree” or “Disagree,” you can control which cookies our website installs on your device.

Own Functional Cookies Necessary for the operation of the website.

Cookies are always installed.

Own Analytical Cookies Anonymous and aggregated visit statistics with masked IP addresses.

You agree with cookies if you use this website.

Third-Party Functional Cookies Cookies for the operation of YouTube videos, etc.

Third-Party Analytical Cookies Sharing content on our website with social networks and analyzing your use of the plugin (e.g., Facebook likes).

Third-Party Advertising Cookies If you disable them, ads on the internet will still be displayed, but they will not be interesting to you.

If the user does not accept or rejects certain cookies but later still requests a service that uses such cookies, we enable the cookies. By using this functionality, the user requests the use of the web service as fully offered by LAGRA, d.o.o., which may also include additional installations of cookies for analytics, personalized content display, commercial content, and the operation of social network plugins.